Why Us?..

The emerging developments in the business processes within the recent years have turned the SAP's technical infrastructure into an extremely complex challenge.

Especially after introduction of the NetWeaver technology and components of Java architecture, such as Enterprise Portal and Process Integration, sustaining the availability, reliability and security of such complex infrastructure without support from highly experienced senior SAP Basis Consultants became almost impossible.

With our team of SAP Basis Consultants who have about 20 years of IT and SAP Basis experience, we provide high level of added value to the SAP operations of our customers.

Whenever there's a need for an SAP Basis operation, such as an implementation, migration, upgrade, security audit, and 7/24 support, we will be in charge with our senior SAP Basis consultants to support your operation.

Your SAP operation will never run alone!

Why would you need SAP Basis Support?..

A failure in your SAP systems, which are located at the center of your enterprise operations, may eventually cause enormous sums of capital and labor losses, if they don't get proper Basis maintenance and support.

Our health check, system analysis and continuous support on your systems will make a huge difference in your SAP operations, even if you have your own Basis crew.