Services & Solutions

Our services and solutions can be divided in two main categories; "Periodic Services" and "Consultancy Services".

Periodic Services contain all kind of SAP Basis activity which is done periodically and continuously on customer's SAP systems. These periodic activities are determined according to customer's needs and can be bound to a certain Service Level Agreement (SLA). The integrity of those SAP systems, that are having Periodic Services, are guaranteed by OKAY Consulting.

Consultancy Services are on demand SAP Basis activities. OKAY Consulting's guarantee will be limited by the coverage of the demanded SAP Basis activity.

Periodic Services

SLA - Service Level Agreement
  • The coverage of fixed budget SLAs can be quite flexible.
  • It can start just from daily remote monitoring of your SAP systems.
  • Up to 24/7 SAP Basis activities with full service coverage and guarantee.
  • Man/day based flexible budget periodic services.
  • May contain all kind of SAP Basis activities, either on-site or remote.

Consultancy Services

  • Architecturel Design; We design your complex SAP Systems architecture to make it more effective and flexible. 
  • Installation; Installation of the SAP systems
  • System Copy; Making a copy of your SAP system by preserving the Operating System and the Database type.
  • Migration; Moving your system onto another platform by changing the Operating System and/or Database type.
  • Upgrade; Because of new developments and continual threat evolution, there will eventually be a need for updating the SAP environment. Depending on the situation, this need can either be a Patch Update, or a complete Version Upgrade.
  • Performance Tuning; Are you unhappy with the performance of your SAP system? Did they suggest you procurement of new hardware to overcome this issue? Let us analyze your system and tune the performance to make it run better on your existing hardware. 
  • Data Compression; Would you like us to decrease the occupied space of your database up to 80%, without sacrificing your system performance?
  • Virtualization; Are there any measures to take into consideration before moving your SAP systems onto virtual hardware? Stay on the safe side by assigning this task to our expert virtualization crew. 
  • Security & Audit; How safe your systems are...Let us audit your systems and create a detailed security report for you. 
  • Training Workshop; Let us improve SAP Basis know-how of your own crew.